CGA 2018
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After a successful first conference that went without an opening movie, Fried approached CGA to create one for 2018. The main goal this year was to inform the larger public that the VFX industry in Serbia not only exists, but works really hard, and we quickly settled on theme of “awakening the world to our existence!”

As there’s no better way to wake someone up than for all of us to shout at the same time, we asked other Serbian studios if they’re willing to work together on the same project for the first time.

The answer was resounding yes!

Fried set the storyline and the general mood, but every studio was free to produce its own sequence. Proud of the result!

Direction . Concept . Story: Josip Modli, Vuk Tatalovic / Fried
Executive Producer: Miljana Jovovic / Crater
The Voice: Stefan Kapicic aka Colossus
The Head: Kostadin Martic
Sound Design: Aleksandar Protic, Nikola Jankovic
Sound Recording: Nevena Glusica
Color Grading: Nikola Stefanovic, CSI

Sequences produced by:
Bunker VFX • Primer Studio • Mosquito • Spring Onion • Open Studio • Digital Asset Tailors • Dreamdust • Fried • Crater Studio

Motion Capture: Take One • 4D Head Capture: 3Lateral (End Shot) • Drone Shots: Helivideo / 3Lateral • Matchmove / Camera Tracking: Qlbeans (Drone Shots)